Although no participants objected to hook-ups, sexually explicit discussions comprise typically seen as a sign of low suzhi. Taotao said that people who have higher suzhi were able to keep a “normal conversation” on internet dating software, although the conversation may lead to hook-ups in the long run.

Although no participants objected to hook-ups, sexually explicit discussions comprise typically seen as a sign of low suzhi. Taotao said that people who have higher suzhi were able to keep a “normal conversation” on internet dating software, although the conversation may lead to hook-ups in the long run.

By way of example, in the beginning you need ton’t state “what are you looking for,” “i do want to have sex,” “Needs a hook-up,” or “I’m itchy.” Your don’t need to start with this. You can easily mention other items initial, like the gym or any. So many people are upfront, but not myself. I don’t like are straight forward.

Given that the intimately explicit discussions usually happen in unpassioned quick hook-ups (Licoppe et al., 2016; Wu & Ward, 2020), customers which explicitly seek unpassioned quick sex may be perceived to have lowest suzhi.

Since stated past, there is discontinuity about the usage of suzhi. Notably, the urban/rural unit mentioned in past research was missing in members’ records. As soon as we shared this feeling with Taotao, the guy stated he had never connected the term suzhi with male prostitutes or people with outlying backgrounds. He jokingly said, “I actually believe MB has a lot suzhi . . . If they are impolite, they’ll generate customers unsatisfied. That will be their loss.” Indeed, unpleasant using the internet conversations associated with reduced suzhi are not always started by people with outlying backgrounds. Additionally, most participants on their own got migrated from their provincial hometowns into metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai for institution degree or work possibilities. To Taotao, who originated in a county-level city in Hubei state and presently lived-in Beijing, one’s local put with his past couldn’t really matter: “we best focus on your state, like whether you have got proper message, and whether you’re fairly well-educated as well as have your opinions about circumstances. I don’t value their history.” Although the idea regarding the outlying seems to matter much less in modern gay online dating sites, we might infer that it’s the rural queers with ascending personal mobility which can be best built-into the metropolitan homosexual life; those individuals who have maybe not reached this could stay omitted.


Weighed against suzhi, zhiliang try intricate. Offered just how members put this notion, it got both a narrow and a diverse description. Zhiliang when you look at the thin feeling mainly is the quality of the appearance of one’s face and the entire body. Huli (25), a management specialist, around demonstrated that zhiliang try assessed by everything regarding one’s appearance. In the same way, Shuai mentioned, “Zhiliang is all about whether you’re well built, or whether he or she is [my] means.” Correctly, one can getting described as “good-zhiliang” (??) provided they are good-looking; a “good-zhiliang” subject matter shouldn’t have to getting well-educated or skilled. For Shuai, your message zhiliang has the connotation of objectification, because it’s often regularly explain merchandise:

Such as, we seldom listen people say a novel possess good zhiliang. Should you decide say a book have good zhiliang, i am going to think of the binding in the guide [instead of its content]. You don’t utilize this keyword to describe this content of a novel. Very, if you use the Chinese word zhiliang to spell it out individuals, the meaning [of objectification] is actually implicated.

Unlike Huli and Shuai, most individuals used a broader concept of zhiliang. On their behalf, zhiliang had been mirrored in not just appearance but aspects like get older, training stage, individuality, interests, myspace and facebook, and income. They implied a complete examination of a topic. Xiaoduo (22), a postgraduate pupil, compared gay boys with good zhiliang to the “three-good pupil” in Asia’s studies system, that close morals, good grades, and physical prowess (Lemos, 2012). By using this word, Xiaoduo regarded the totalizing force of the discussion of zhiliang. Indeed, numerous members comprise training such an overarching standards of “quality” in internet dating. Xing (31), a top class instructor, stated, “When you find yourself talking on Blued, you’re unconsciously screening. You are judging whether one’s character, his circumstances, his search, top, the exterior, the interior, knowledge amount, social standing, along with his self-cultivation match with yours or otherwise not.”

Similarly, suzhi additionally the narrowly defined zhiliang include collectively special groups. Such as, Wangli (30), doing work for an online company, mentioned that folks with high zhiliang usually do not necessarily have high suzhi. Alternatively, the broadly explained zhiliang encompasses the factors connotated by suzhi. Nevertheless, zhiliang, narrowly or broadly described, comes with the objectifying connotation that suzhi do not have, because body’s conspicuously engaging. As Shuai suggested, it is zhiliang, not suzhi, that may affect products. This differentiation is additionally crisper in Taotao’s account. He utilized “low-suzhi” to explain those that generated him become objectified whenever talking on internet dating apps, which implies that suzhi by itself does not have any connotation of objectification. But once he discussed the generally identified zhiliang of application users, he known as they “a really objectifying standard.”

There was a people principle related to both zhiliang and suzhi: the English word reasonable, pronounced in the first tone of Mandarin as “lou.” Minimum might be included in the situation where the aesthetic options that come with one’s self-presentation—either spoken or artistic, and electronically mediated in on-line dating—do maybe not conform to the refined style used by metropolitan middle-income group. Moreover it possess a broader meaning and is used to explain people who lack highest suzhi or zhiliang. We return to this idea whenever speaking about participants’ ideas of online dating programs.

Desirable Need

While both suzhi and zhiliang offer want sorting in online dating, it is suzhi that appears to believe a bigger character into the stratification of needs. As mentioned previously, Wu and Ward’s (2020) learn implies that metropolitan Chinese homosexual singles like “relationalized intercourse” on objectifying “no-strings-attached” intercourse. The “no-strings-attached” intercourse frequently requires the form of impersonal instant hook-up and is solicited by intimately direct dialogue on matchmaking software, which are involving reasonable suzhi. Some researchers bring likened the impersonal quick hook-up via online dating software to “cruising” inside the community space, which will be a long-standing application among MSM (see Licoppe et al., 2016). All of our participant Quan (28), a bank clerk, in addition received hyperlinks within quick hook-up facilitated by sex-oriented discussion and “cruising,” albeit in negative conditions:

Individuals who straight ask you when you need to connect or perhaps not making myself feeling [they were] very outdated. These days, it’s nothing like in the last many years as soon as you needed to hook up into the general public commode. I mean, you had written all the way down your # 3 somewhere in the bathroom for hook-ups. Think about it! Times posses altered! In the event that you directly require a hook-up, i’ll believe it is really low . . . And most likely, I obtained a university degree. I’ll feeling you are foolish and also reduced. I also feeling it is unsafe. 4